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A Red and White Girl

A Red Girl

A Black And White Boy

🐾 Introducing SewnSew Cats’ New Kitten Litter! 🐾


🌟 Meet our adorable kittens:


  • Red Girl 🌺
  • Red and White Girl 🌷
  • Black and White Boy 🖤

📅 Born on 13/04/24, these fluffy bundles of joy will be ready to join their new families around 13/07/24.


✨ What makes our kittens special?


  • Fully vaccinated 🩺
  • Microchipped for their safety 🐾
  • Expertly litter trained 🚽
  • Gccf registered for purebred excellence 🏅

🎁 Each kitten comes with a purr-fect goodie bag containing:


  • Premium food for their health 🍗
  • Quality litter for their comfort 💩
  • Engaging toys for their playtime 🧸
  • A cozy blanket to help them settle in their new home 🛏️

🐱 These kittens are raised to mingle! They’ll smoothly integrate with older cats after a gentle scent swapping introduction.


Don’t miss the chance to bring home a furry companion from SewnSew Cats. Reserve your bundle of joy today and prepare to welcome endless love, playfulness, and cuddles into your home! 🐾🏡