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My name is Sally Lee and I’ve been breeding British shorthair for about 13 years, I mainly breed Blue but I also breed Red and Cream.

I am registered with the GCCF


In 1998, I had the privilege of purchasing my first BSH from Chris Hazel an esteemed breeder at Wyrewood BSH and Devon Rex. Little did I know that this would mark the beginning of a lifelong journey in cat breeding. Over the years, I continued to acquire cats of various colours from Chris, who not only became my friend but also served as an invaluable mentor. It was under her guidance that I attended my first cat show, an experience that left me utterly captivated by the world of feline exhibitions. With Chris’s expertise and support, I mustered the courage to venture into breeding, an endeavour that would forever shape my passion for these remarkable creatures. I am immensely grateful for the friendship and wisdom Chris has shared with me, as they have played a significant role in shaping my growth and success as a breeder.


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